Get Your Smile Ready for a Special Event

wedding-725432_960_720What do you have planned this fall? You might be going to a high school reunion, attending a wedding, or meeting up for a family reunion. Have you felt less-than-confident about your smile? We can help you get your smile ready for your special event so you can give out healthy grins without hesitation. Here are some of the ways you might benefit from some dental procedures.

Get Your Gums Healthy

Do you have tender, swollen gums? They can make your smile look less than their best because swollen gums cover part of the teeth and make them look smaller. Plus they’re uncomfortable and are often a sign of gingivitis, or the early stage of gum disease. If you haven’t been flossing your teeth regularly, getting back on track can turn this situation around.

See us for a professional cleaning. We’ll remove any plaque or tartar that’s hanging out under your gumline. Then you can start flossing each night before bed. Within two weeks, your gums will begin to tighten up and will look and feel better.

Make Your Teeth Whiter

Do you wish your smile were whiter? You’re not alone. Many people are insecure about the shade of their teeth. There are many different whitening products available now to fit every budget. You can try the strips or whitening toothpaste that you buy at the pharmacy or ask your dentist to fabricate bleaching trays or even perform laser whitening. One caveat: Sometimes the bleaching solution will cause gum irritation, so if this happens to you, see your dentist promptly to minimize the irritation.

Have Veneers Placed

Are your front teeth crooked, discolored, or otherwise less attractive than you’d like? Talk to your dentist about whether veneers would be a good choice for you. Veneers fit over the front surface of your front teeth and cover imperfections. They are much faster than having braces or doing extensive whitening. Keep in mind that veneers are a permanent restoration; you can’t change your mind later and decide you don’t want them after they’re already put on, so be sure to look into whether it’s the right option for you.

If you have a special event coming up and you want to get your smile into better shape, give us a call to discuss your options!