Teeth Whitening

Do you want to get whiter teeth? Our tooth bleaching methods will make teeth whiter, and give you a brighter smile. Sure you can make your teeth whiter with over the counter teeth whitening treatments, but nothing compares to our tooth bleaching system. Our modern tooth whitening system will not only deliver great results, it will also allow you to whiten your teeth at home.

Inner Banks Dental Is The Best Place To Get A Whiter Smile

Tooth whitening is a popular procedure that will give you a white and bright smile. We now offer take home whitening trays that work wonders compared to store bought brands. Now you can whiten your smile from the comfort of your home, without making multiple trips to our office. This saves you time and money. The process is simple, and you can get stared within days of scheduling your appointment.

First we will take an impression of your mouth to create custom-fit whitening trays. Within a few days, the trays are ready, and you will be given instructions on how to apply the special bleaching material to the trays. In just 30-60 minutes, twice a day, you can have a dramatically whiter smile. We will also help you maintain your pearly whites with occasional whitening treatments.

Thanks to our take home tooth whitening kit, you can drastically whiten your teeth while sitting comfortably in your own home. This tooth whitening treatment will deliver great, long lasting results. You may find yourself grinning a lot more after Inner Banks Dental helps you perfect your already beautiful smile. Call our office today to learn more about our at home whitening treatment, or to schedule an appointment.