Root Canal Therapy – Endodontic Treatment

Do you have an infected, painful, discolored tooth? Are you wondering how to fix a discolored tooth? If ignored, an infected tooth can cause infection to spread to the bone around the tooth, causing an abscess and/or tooth loss. If you are experiencing symptoms including pain, discoloration of the tooth, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, and swollen, tender gums, it may be time to get a Root Canal. No one looks forward to having this procedure done, but with a good root canal dentist, your experience may not be so bad. If you need a Root Canal in Washington, NC, then you’re in luck. It just so happens that there is a great endodontic dentist in Washington, NC. Inner Banks Dental has excellent dental staff that will strive to keep you relaxed and comfortable, even during a Root Canal.

Inner Banks Dental will make this procedure as painless as possible. You may be wondering what a Root Canal entails. A Root Canal (Endodontic treatment) is needed when the soft tissue inside the center of the tooth, refereed to as the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. This inflammation and/or infection can have many causes including, repeated dental procedures on a single tooth, deep decay of the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth.

Pulp damage can occur even when there are no visible chips or cracks in the tooth. The steps taken during a Root Canal begins with the removal of the top of the tooth or crown so the dentist can access and remove the infected tissue. The dentist will then be sure that the surrounding area is cleaned in order to prevent the infection from spreading. This will prevent additional pain. Lastly, a crown will be created to cover and protect the tooth.

Our professional staff will put you at ease, making this the most comfortable root canal experience possible. Once completed, you will be relieved to be free of the nagging pain, and sensitivity your were previously experiencing. Call our office today to get more information on our root canal procedures or to schedule an appointment.