Learn About Inner Banks Superior Dentures and Partials

Sometimes, regardless of the care a person takes with their teeth, tooth loss still occurs. When this happens, you may consider artificial teeth. Depending on your needs, you may opt for partial dentures, or whole-mouth dentures.

Replace Your Lost Teeth

False teeth replace lost teeth with artificial teeth that look at act like natural teeth. Our Staff takes great care to ensure you receive high-quality dentures and partials that will enhance your life, and perfect your smile. We can even repair old, or loose fitting artificial teeth.

What Are Dentures, Partials and Other Options

At Inner Banks Dental, we use the most advanced dental technology. We create functional, natural-looking premium dentures. False teeth have many purposes, such as keeping facial muscles from sagging, making talking and eating easier, and improving your overall appearance. In cases when patients have lost most or all of their teeth, replacing the lost teeth with artificial teeth  are necessary to restore proper chewing function.

For patients who have lost some of their teeth, with most of their natural teeth still intact, partial dentures are recommended. Partial dentures replace a small section of missing teeth.

Both partials and dentures are removable, and prevent jaw and muscle issues that arise after tooth loss, and enhance the visual appearance of your smile.

Restore Your Smile Today

If you are looking for dentures, including premium partial dentures in Washington, NC, then come to Inner Banks Dental. We will custom fit you with top-of-the-line comfortable artificial teeth that you will love. We can also replace older partials with more updated versions. You can call our office today to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about the great denture options we provide. Our work is guaranteed and your consult is no obligation to our services. We are here to get your smile back.