Clear Aligner Therapy

Do you need to straighten your teeth, but you don’t want braces? Getting and maintaining braces can be a hassle, and uncomfortable. There is another way. Have you been searching for a cosmetic dentistry office near Washington, NC? Look no further. Inner Banks Dental can straighten your teeth with an invisible teeth aligner. Clear aligner technology will seamlessly reposition your teeth, leaving you with a more beautiful smile. Inner Banks Dental specializes in clear aligner therapy in Washington, NC.

Inner Banks Dental Can Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

There are many options available for straightening teeth. Clear aligner therapy is one of the cosmetic dentistry options you should consider. If you have been looking for clean aligners in Washington, NC, consider your search over. Inner Banks dental will fit you with custom invisible, clean teeth aligners. If you need a dental office that provides removable dental aligners in Washington, NC, then Inner Banks Dental is the dental clinic for you.

Clear aligner therapy is a removable appliance that will effectively adjust crowded, tilted forward or backward, or rotated teeth. Ideal candidates for clear aligner therapy are 14 years and older who are seeking minor teeth adjustment. Each appliance is custom made by the dentist using impressions taken during visits occurring in six week intervals.

Invisibly straighten your teeth in Washington, NC by visiting the professionals at Inner Banks Dental. Clear aligner therapy is a comfortable alternative to other teeth straitening methods, and will deliver lasting results. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to discuss our clear align procedures.