Dental Bridges

Having missing teeth can be inconvenient, embarrassing, and can cause damage to remaining teeth. If you need a great place to fix missing teeth in Washington, NC, then consider your search over.  At Inner Banks Dental, we can customize your own, beautiful, natural-looking false teeth by creating quality dental bridges. Regain your winning smile with our high-quality dental bridges.

Get The Best Dental Bridges in Washington, NC at Inner Banks Dental

When a patient is missing one or several teeth, we recommend fitting the patient for a bridge. If no action is taken, the remaining teeth will shift, which can cause bite and jaw problems. Bridges correct this issue and also gives you a great looking smile. The simple procedure includes placing artificial porcelain teeth or ceramic teeth in the gaps that missing teeth leave behind. This is done by bonding the artificial teeth to the surrounding healthy teeth for support. Typically, crowns are placed on the nearby, supporting teeth for added protection and stability. Bridges are created from the same material as crowns, giving them a natural, blended look that will made the most of your beautiful smile.

It’s never been easier to get a dental bridge in Washington, NC. At Inner Banks Dental, we will make your dentistry experience as comfortable and expedient as possible. You won’t find a better place to fix your smile, and replace missing teeth in Washington, NC. Call our office today to learn more about our great dental bridges, or to schedule an appointment.