Hyde county, North Carolina

Hyde County Ocracoke lighthouse

Photo By Jason A G

Hyde County was established in 1739, and named after Edward Hyde who was the first
colonial governor of the colony of North Carolina. Today it is home to approximately 5,800 residents. At over 1424 Sq miles of land Hyde takes up a signification portion of north Carolina coast. Which is why it is also home to the famous Ocracoke Lighthouse.

A popular tourist site Ocracoke lighthouse resides on Ocracoke Island. It was built in 1823 and stands a mere 75 foot tall. It is now the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina.

Hyde County Boots overall dental health Statistics, of the  80% of children (5th grade and under) screened only 4% showed signs of decayed adult teeth. This is congruent with the North Carolina average and low overall.

Inner banks Dental would like to keep these statistics low. and to do that we understand that regular dental checkups, and early oral health screenings are important.