Chocowinity, North Carolina

Chocowinity Sunset

Photo By Luca Masters

The name Chocowinity is taken from a Tuscarora word,  meaning “little otters.” In the early 1900’s, the railway system decided “Chocowinity”was to hard to spell. Thus, they nicknamed the location “Marsden,” after the future president of the railroad. A majority of the town’s current residents refer to the town by it’s actual name. Yet, even today some still echo the forgotten nickname. Although the town is bigger than its most of it’s neighbors, at a population of 820 and only three public schools most would consider it a small quite town.

According to a recent Oral Health study done by the North Carolina Department Of Health and Human Services, Healthy Teeth are on the rise. They have been working hard to demonstrate the importance of early dental screenings. Annual screenings are important for everyone but most of all for our children. In Beaufort county Screening for Kindergartners were at 93%, and screenings for 5th graders was at 91%.

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