Bath, North Carolina Dental Region

Map By Seth Ilys

Bath, North Carolina


Bath is a small town in Beaufort County, North Carolina . The most recent Population poll from the U.S. census marks baths total population at around 249.

Bath may be a small place with few people, but all people need their teeth looked after. That’s where we come in. Inner Banks has proudly brought pearly white teeth to small communities for years now, and we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

Beaufort county, boosts a high dental screening rate of 93% for all children in the fifth grade and younger. That is high compared to the state average at 74%. Although the the percentage of permanent tooth decay is at 4% which is up from the state average of 3%.

Need dentist in Bath? Inner Banks Dental understands how important dental health checkups are to the whole family. We are also determined to build an even closer relationship with the community in the years to come. We have helped make brighter smiles for our costumers in Beaufort for over 10 years. Come and see for yourself how we have built our reputation as the most caring, and compassionate dentist office in the county.